Project Name

Demolition of Northcliffe Terrace Building

Project Location

3 Northcliffe Terrace, Surfers Paradise



Contract Value


Project Date



Commercial Demolition


Northcliffe Terrace building was a 7 story apartment building that was demolished to make way for a new development.  Demex was awarded the demolition contract and engaged Newnham Scaffolding to complete the scaffolding design and then supply all material, labour and transport to complete the job.  The scaffolding was used to encapsulate the building during demolition to ensure all falling debris were caught or deflected back into the demolition zone.  Due to its location on the beachfront of Surfers Paradise and the potential for high winds in a sudden storm, the scaffolding had to be tied back into the building ever leg, every level, we also used 25mm chain with shade to assist with wind loading capacity’s.  The dismantle was complete in small stages as the building was demolished.  This job was competed successfully and safely by everyone involved, it was a pleasure working with Demex to complete this job and we have continued working together on other demolition jobs since.