Project Name

Orion Apartments

Project Location

Cavendish Road, Coorparoo, Queensland


Sommer and Staff

Contract Value

$500,000 to $750,000

Project Date

2015 – 2016



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The Orion Apartment project required Newnham’s professional scaffolding services throughout the building’s 11 storeys. Under the Orion Apartment contract, Newnham’s crew supplied, transported and fitted tailored scaffolding to the development’s perimeter, internal lift shaft, stretcher stair accesses, back propping, plus roof and handrail edges. This was a challenging job on a tight site in proximity to powerlines. The site was on a main road and required sound project co-ordination and consistent resources to keep the process running smoothly. Newnham’s project management enabled it to remain in front of the head contractor and finish the project on schedule and safely. Sommer and Staff and Newnham Scaffolding have continued to collaborate on other developments.